Episode 245

What’s in a name? Well, sometimes it’s good music, as we find out by starting this episode with “Heroin in Tahiti.” Mid-show, the Spotlight shines on flutist Ann Licater.


Start     Heroin in Tahiti, Bad Auspicia, Casalina Tapes 2010
4.39       Liminal Drifter, Fish Don’t Have Arms or Legs, The Dreams
11.06     dmH, 9:07 am, Music for the Wrong Time
15.30     Blissbox, Dodeca, Sethian
19.53     Endless Melancholy, Stillness Mixed with Stillness, The Vacation

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Ann Licater
28.40     Beyond the Mist, Invitation from Within
31.47     Island Garden, Beyond the Waves
35.38     Dream Journey, Invitation from Within
39.31     Radiance, Doorway to a Dream
43.24     Song of the Willows, Beyond the Waves
46.38     Xiao Garden, Doorway to a Dream
49.31     Oneness, Invitation from Within
52.00     Into the Heart, Doorway to a Dream

58.33     Chris Russell, Varuna, Echo
1.04.53  Ryan Summers, Transitive Memory Partner, ii
1.09.12  SineRider, Lost in Fog, Lonely Ocean
1.13.21  The Green Kingdom, Illuminations (dub), Seen and Unseen
1.20.09  Biome, C Ov Bioluminescense, The Shores of Temenos

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