Episode 244

Yes, it’s time for THE episode. Hey, you’re smart–you’ve already figured out that this is one of my cheesy theme shows. So dig in and enjoy all THE artists.


Start      The Post-Riot Era, We Have Lost Friends, Schism*
8.27       The Glass Hour, Lament, Ever After
12.12     The Aurora Principle, 1995, Searching for the Stars
17.09     The Ministry of Inside Things, Function Four, Everlasting Moment
28.16     The Ambient Visitor, A Meeting of the Spirits, Part 1 (excerpt), A Meeting of the Spirits
46.06     The Ruxpins, Where Do We Go From Here?, This Time We Go Together
49.42     TheDetroit76, Living in Stereo, Premiere
53.49     The Pure Heart Ensemble, Heading Home, Bliss of Being
1.03.00  The Ghost of An Alien, Thy Kingdom of Au, Dust. Time.. Gravity…
1.10.09  The Corrupting Sea, Underwater Storms, Samatta
1.16.32  The Current, Alone with Company, Communion
1.20.30  The OO-Ray, Fiftytwo, Tiny Fugues
1.23.06  The Glimmer Room, Mr Price Remembers, The Locked Book

*As far as I can tell, Dean Hinds, the man who is The Post-Riot Era, has pretty much scraped TPRE off the Internet. You can find this album out there if you try, because the Internet holds many secrets, but it’s my policy to only post legitimate artist links.

2 thoughts on “Episode 244

    • Thanks, Chris. And thanks for listening all the way through the rant. The podcast is me. Folks can get their dedicated playlists anywhere. I bet no one ever tells Stephen Hill or John Diliberto that they talk too much! :-)

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