Episode 243

A pair of short but deep sets flank a 30-minute excursion into the soundworlds of Janne Hanhisuanto.


Start      Robert Scott Thompson, Resonant Clockwork, Alphabet of the Trees
8.04       Songs for a Rainy Day, Stumbling As We Rise, The Oldest Spring
13.40     Paulina Cassidy, Soaring Through Portals, Drawing Up a Storm
18.52     Gargle, Ephemeral Light, Wading in Shallow Waters

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Janne Hanhisuanto
27.15     Sequence Alpha, Quiet Places
34.58     Part 4, Light and Shadow
42.20     Movement 5, Icescapes
48.11     Solarization 3, Solarization (as Janneh)
52.29     Synastasia, 10, Synastasia

1.01.23  Level Pi, No Cello, Entrance
1.13.21  Computerchemist, Darklight Drive, Landform
1.25.55  Eric Pietras, Theory of North, Beams

I neglected to mention it during the show, but the first track in this episode’s Spotlight is the 3000th track played on the podcast. Thanks for listening!

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