Episode 241

The first and last sets of this episode feature music from the Newish queue. Between, we serve up thirty minutes of deep Joe Frawley cuts.


Start      Macchiato Funky, Sospeso, BUGELLA 20-50
4.58       Break_fold, 07_08_17, 27_05_17 – 21_01_18
10.40     Glamaticus, The Sixth Ray, Dream Room
18.01     Medard Fischer, You Can’t Be Gone If You Were Never Anywhere To Start, Lucky You
23.28     Julien Boulier, Arcane Septime, A Film Not Yet Made

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Joe Frawley
32.43     M, Strange Weather
35.50     Siren’s Night, Strange Weather
37.22     Left Cincinnati, Left Cincinnati
41.52     The Magus, Cartomancer
47.01     Saturday (A Letter from Home), A Week of Fevers
50.04     Pierrot Dies, The Night Parade
55.43     Apparition, Speak of This to No One
59.23     A Sleepwalker’s Vocabulary, Carnival

1.05.56  Pavor Nocturnus & Versuscode, Lost Lake Sognomeccanico
1.13.22  Simon Wilkinson, Vapour Mining, Stateless
1.22.33  Monochromie, Sunrise, Stained Glass

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