Episode 239

Here. Have a listen. In the middle you get 30 minutes alone with AeTopus.


Start      Altus, Slingshot, Pioneer
9.23       Dirk Serries, The Nebulous Chords, Epitaph
17.02     Erik Wollo, Mosaic of Time I – Route Diverge, Threshold Point
23.58     Alphaxone, Road to Nowhere, Edge of Solitude

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: AeTopus
31.49     Mosswood, Totem Totum
35.09     Kith, Totem Totum
38.52     Alley of Dust and Soul, Angels and Machines
45.09     Quietus Est, When
50.40     The Gate, Between Empires

59.50     Kevin Bartlett, gds1? Ask Larissa, She Knows, The Gatherings, Vol 1
1.09.23  To Destroy A City, Wavelength, Go Mirage
1.12.43  Roy Mattson, Structures of Bliss, Projected Formations
1.19.06  Igneous Flame, North Sea Siren, Ocean Sighs
1.27.29  Forrest Fang, Fossils, Letters to the Farthest Star

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