Episode 238

As I took this episode into the library portion, I challenged myself to dig a little deeper than usual. I like the results. And the first set is pretty good, too–packed with tasty new tunes. Remember, you’re always welcome to comment, whether it’s here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or by email. Give me your thoughts!


Start      Steve Roach, Phase Reverie, Molecules of Motion
10.11     Jarguna, Little Black Fairy, Pareidolia
20.59     Slow Dancing Society, Cannon Hill, The Torchlight Parade
24.10     Nonturn, Compassion Territory, Territory
30.12     Mirko Russo, Skyline, Stories of Mirrors and Broken Roads
33.42     Charm Day, Where Monsters Roamed, Shelter
36.30     Sverre Knut Johansen, Space and Time, The Vast Expanse
49.50     David Downing, The Storm, Cosmic Conspiracy
56.54     Domingues & Kane, Black Shuck, Gut + Voltage
1.03.55  Cold, Cold Heart, Hannah, How the Other Half Live and Die
1.08.48  Tom Eaton, Argo Navis, Indesterren
1.15.33  High Skies, The Shape of Things to Come, Sounds of Earth
1.21.32  Swartz, The Blue Light of Morning, Nighttide

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