Episode 237

There’s a fair amount of uptempo stuff in this new episode–a nice change from last episode’s deep, long drifts. Plus, you get 30 minutes of hanging out with Mr. Bob Holroyd. Enjoy.


Start      Sensitive Chaos, Missing Viejo, Walking A Beautiful World
7.23       Majestica, Chasing the Leonids, From Auriga to Orion
11.45     Carl Weingarten, Jazz76, This Is Where I Found You
18.17     Deer Park Ranger, Swing in Roundabouts, Bottom of the Ocean
22.54     Erik Nilsson, Lima Nocturne, The Imperfect Tense

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Bob Holroyd
37.16     The Cage, The Cage
44.11     Woven, The Cage
49.48     The Unseen Scars, Blueprints
53.01     Overland, In Motion
59.13     In the Time We Have Left, Afterglow
1.03.28  Samsara, In Motion

1.11.31  Ryan Summers, Don’t Tell, ii
1.18.21  Sleeping Horses, Their Thoughts, Our Cages, Water for Air
1.20.18  Xin, Somavar, Xinxin
1.26.30  CИTROPY, Styx, CИTROPY

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