Episode 235

Post-rock fans will dig into this month’s Spotlight as we focus on Leaving Richmond. On either side of it you’ll find deep cuts and smooth voyages.

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Start    Takashi Suzuki, Following the Guiding Bells, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
8.19     Robert Rich, Equipoise and Dissolution, Vestiges
17.01   Chords of Orion, Love Move, Atmosphere

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight: Leaving Richmond
24.52   Moments of Clarity, Subcircuits
31.00   We Found Us, Subcircuits
35.59   I’ll Find Meaning, Just Not Today, The Bird and the Submarine
39.53   The Bird and the Submarine, The Bird and the Submarine
45.26   The Electronic Afterlife, The Antique Heart
50.57   You Will Be Safe Here, The Antique Heart

56.40     Tsode, Sunday Sun, The Quiet Music, The Sonorous Loneliness
1.02.11  Khara, Ode to Edwin J Hill, There Were Heroes Amongst Us
1.08.31  AeTopus, Kith, Totem Totum
1.12.11  Jeff Grienke, Under Falling Stars, Before Sunrise
1.16.56  Durango Budd, Piano Drone 2, Drones for Prepared and Synthesized Piano
1.24.14  Juan Maria Solare, Retrato en Sepia, Sombras Blancas

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