Episode 231

The library leads off this time, and then comes our change of format: a once-monthly 30-minute Spotlight segment featuring one artist. This time out, renowned ambient artist Forrest Fang. We’ll finish up with some sweet treats from the Newish queue.

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Start      Patrick O’Hearn, Music for Three Vibraphones, Slow Time
8.30       Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Cascaded, Lowlands
15.22     Strom Noir, Planet Catcher, Luvyoo
20.50     Peter Calandra, The Cat’s Eye, The Road Home

Hypnagogue Half-Hour Spotlight: Forrest Fang
31.02     Nocturnum, Scenes from a Ghost Train
37.12     Freefall, Scenes from a Ghost Train
43.00     Veldt Hypnosis, Letters to the Farthest Star
51.03     Little Angklung, Phantoms

1.00.25  Test Card, Be Home in Time for Tea, Rediffusion
1.04.42  Nadav Cohen, Soft Touch, Lacuna
1.08.05  Colin Rayment, Waxing and Waning, Architects of Orion
1.13.56  Janne Hahnisuanto, Synastasia 12, Synastasia
1.18.02  Kylmyss, Dawn, Dawn
1.22.34  Echo Us, Begin to Remember (V2), To Wake A Dream in Moving Water

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