Episode 229

Chaos. Sometimes leaving things up to chance is a good thing. This time out, I combine a full-library shuffle with me checking what’s playing at random times. The result? Judge for yourself in this uninterrupted, mixed flow.

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Start      M Peck, A Lost Mantra, Beneath Forever
8.01       Markus Reuter, The Key to Conscience, Trepanation
14.40     Brokenkites, Darkengine, Generation Ships
19.11     My Majestic Star, Chelsea, Ideas Are the Answer
24.58     Cyberchump, In the Time of Gone, Their Perfect Happiness
32.36     Steve Roach, Consumed by Sunlight, Possibilities of Circumstance
40.25     Djam Karet, Forced Perspective, Sonic Celluloid
44.57     William Gregg, Circular Path, Source of the Hardware
49.00     Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Zero Point, Resonating Earth
54.49     Tholen, Among the Tormented, Neuropol
1.01.14  Julian Ray, Astral Vision, Mysterious Garden
1.06.52  Noise Reduction Society,* Midnight Passage, Leaving Venice
1.10.22  Bryan Carrigan, Cirque, Focus
1.13.35  Steve Brand, The Crucible of Heart (Unknown Territory Mix), The Path of the Heart
1.24.38  Ethernet, Dyad, Outside of Time

*It came to me later: James Hegarty

8 thoughts on “Episode 229

  1. Hi John,

    again another great compilation of music, well shuffled by you :)

    Best greetings to you from Germany,

  2. Excellent! By any chance do you know a piece of new age music in the 80s that includes fragments of famous speeches (Kennedy, Kruschev, Neil Armstrong, the Challenger explosion), whales and dolphin sounds? I’ve Been searching it for a looooong time. Thank you for your time.

    • You know, I’m still trying to figure out if you’re serious. Meanwhile, thanks for the compliment. And if the request is serious, sorry but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard it….or even heard of it. But now I’m curious enough to go do some digging!

      • Hello, thank you for your quick response. Yes I’m dead serious. I think it was in the second half of the eighties that I used to listen a local station radio that doesn’t exist any more, and I remember this wonderful piece that included short fragments of famous speeches, Luther King, Kennedy (ask not…), Kruschev ( I suppose he talked about the missile crisis), Armstrong narration of the first walk on the moon, and also nature sounds with birds chirps, whale soounds and dolphins. I remember it was 10-15 minute piece, and was so soothing and relaxing. I have been searching the title since forever, asked many places, but haven’t been lucky so far. This one and Frank Pourcel Concorde song are the two most favourites songs of my childhood. Thanks again for your time, response and interest. Best wishes.

      • Well, I’ve put your description out to my Facebook followers, all New Age/ambient fans, so let’s hope an answer comes up. It sounds very intriguing!

  3. Well, the FB followers have failed to deliver. The closest we came was someone who seems to recall hearing something quite like it in a Turkish sauna. (Seriously.) But no closer to a title or artist.

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