Episode 226

Here comes your look back at albums that stuck with me as we went through 2017. From the stuff I reviewed in the first half of the year to things I received after I stopped reviewing…it’s all very good music, and we’ll take in almost two hours of it. Enjoy.

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Start     Matt Borghi, Belle Isle, Ambient Guitar
4.04       Tom Eaton, The False Cross, Indesterren
10.33     Eleven33, A Canopy of Stars, Chasing Light
14.48     Genevieve Walker, Embryonic Voyage, Walking Home
18.28     Byron Metcalf, A Perfect Place, Inner Rhythm Meditations
27.56     Altus, Release, Innerspace
34.35     Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi, Connected Space, Source of Compassion
42.16     Eluvium, Beyond the Moon for Someone in Reverse, False Readings On
50.58     Robert Rich, Night Seas Luminesce, Vestiges
57.50     Steve Roach, A Righteous Thing, Spiral Revelation
1.08.53  Melorman, Reaching the Sky, Somewhere Someday
1.13.34  Sequential Dreams, Arcflight, The Exodus Wave
1.19.28  Hollan Holmes, That Ephemeral Spark, Prayer to the Energy
1.26.48  David Helpling, Waiting for the Wind, A Sea Without Memory
1.30.54  Bruno Sanfilippo, InTROpiano, Lost and Found
1.38.46  Todd Boston, Fresh Strings, One
1.43.03  Roy Mattson, In All Her Phases, Melancholy Moon
1.53.46  Adam Werner, Thank You, Deep

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