Episode 225

Since you all did a fine job of surviving last episode’s dark and murky spaces, I’ll reward you with lighter, brighter tones. There’s quite a bit of guitar in the front half.

Download mp3

Start      Cinerous Mire, The Witching Hour, Caustic Noir
7.32       Venona Pers, Last Night’s Full Sleep, Truth in Ashes
13.30     Dan Caine, Memories Fade, Solace
17.22     The Ideal Setback, Selcouth, Fernweh
21.23     Jeff Pearce, Midnight Snow, From the Darker Season
25.35     Al Gromer Khan, Blues for a Muted Sitar, The God Perfume
29.41     Cousin Silas, Early Mist, Cousin Silas
39.26     Andrew Lahiff, Glimpses of the Ways Beyond, Slow Paths Beyond
47.59     Fellirium, Silent Cry, Mermaids
54.10     Sverre Knut Johansen, Earth from Above, Earth from Above
1.00.47  Meg Bowles, Nocturnal Flight, A Quiet Light
1.12.28  Colin Rayment, Closing on a Night Sky Light, Abstract Dimensions
1.19.27  Amy Faithe, Who Am I, The Ascent

3 thoughts on “Episode 225

  1. Dear John,

    Thank you again for your great music show.

    I wish you a happy Christmas,

    P.S. the download link of this episode is missing ;)

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