Episode 224

All dark ambient, to take us into the dark of a New England December. No stops on this one, so get ready to go deep.

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Start     Phelios, Deadspace, Astral Unity
8.14       Yen Pox, Ashen Shroud, Between the Horizon and the Abyss
18.14     M Peck, Den of Inequity, Bodies to the Sky
29.00     Erik Waterkotte & Ryan Huber, antag vii, …And Now They Are Gone
33.52     Earthborn Visions, Magnetic Habitats, Relief. Silence Comes.
39.33     Desiderii_Marginis, Entombment, Songs Over Ruins*
44.16     Phragments, When Memory Falls, We Disintegrate, New Kings and Queens
54.08     The Null Spectre, Abandoned, The Darkling Pt 2
1.03.49  Emil Karlsson, Moonshroud, Scoured
1.12.17  Symbiosis, IV, Mikrokosmos
1.19.06  Igneous Flame, Pluton, Orcus

*Dang, almost got through without a mistake. (Would you believe my day job requires me to pay attention to detail? No wonder I’ve never gotten anywhere, professionally.) So ignore that guy who tells you this is a self-titled album. It ain’t.

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