Episode 223

“The Ampersand Episode.” You can figure it out from here.

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Start      Howard Givens and Craig Padilla, Threads of Thought, Being of Light
15.49     David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, Sun Racer, Found
21.56     Steve Roach and Robert Rich, Silk Ridge, Soma
27.57     Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas, Sun God, Jaguars and Shamen
37.34     Numina and Zero Ohms, Night of the Falling Planets, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
46.01     Alio Die and Sylvi Alli, Dreaming Tree, Amidst the Circling Spires
54.46     Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo, Anasazi, Between Worlds
1.01.21  Blake Gibson and Robert Davies, Stone Circle, Quiraing
1.09.17  Mark Mahoney and M Peck, The Great Silencer, The Gallery of Subtle Smiles
1.17.16  Onewayness and dRachEmUsiK, In Desire, The Sound of Thunder
1.27.30  Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Expire, Drop

In the opening bit: Uwe Gronau, “Holiday,” Flight 14

(Clever me, originally putting all those ampersands in between the artist names. Well, turns out that screwed up the RSS feed. So, after the episode posted I have to switch them all to “and.”)

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