Episode 222

Let’s kick this off with a snappy uptempo thing. Then maybe later we’ll go quieter and more ambient. This 90-minute flow runs pretty deep. Headphones on, if you please.

Download mp3

Start      Pulselovers, Badby 80, The Restless Field (compilation)
5.16       Dan Caine & musicformessier, Solstice Skies, Timelessness
10.05     Diamond Gloss, Movement, Primavera
14.55     The Greatest Hoax, Fading Away, Expiration Compositions
19.48     Peter Calandra, Nocturnal Moods, The Road Home
24.15     Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, On Branches, Lowlands*
29.25     Roy Mattson, 28th Night, Melancholy Moon
39.14     Stephen Phillips, At the End of the Tunnel, Lightness of Being
51.48     Kloob, Solsticio, Deep Emotional Phases
57.13     Takashi Suzuki, The Unknown Sight, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
1.03.46  Csillagkod, Merging of Substances, All the Time
1.11.08  Somnarium, Ice, Frost
1.24.26  Tom Eaton, The Eighth Day, Abendromen

*Hey, guess who put the track name in the album slot and the album name in the track slot on the spreadsheet, and then read it that way with from said spreadsheet with great authority? ..sigh.. It’s correct here on the playlist. Don’t listen to that bozo when he talks…

2 thoughts on “Episode 222

  1. Howdy! For some reason it looks like this episode entry was coded differently than the others so the “download link” doesn’t go to the MP3 but only allows me to download as a webpage. Thank you!

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