Episode 221

Is the quiet of the new digs seeping into the podcast? If it is, I think we can probably agree that it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The show doesn’t start all that quietly, but we’ll certainly get there before we’re through.

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Start    David Gerard & Dana Colley, Life Without A Net, The Electronic Consortium
5.42     Bildschirm, The Tower Becomes Visible (from “The Hidden Triangle”), Kinologie Vol I
13.59    Massimo Ruberti, Pink Cave, Granchite Yumtruso Pt 1
21.22    Tsode, Lost in Unconsciousness, Brainstorming
26.02    Jim Ottaway, Deep Space Blue, Deep Space Blue
37.01    remst8, Heliopause v 1.64, Accumulator
51.18    Darshan Ambient, The Rapidity of Sleep, From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
57.18    Mingo, Rays Through the Mist, Sky Over Sea
1.01.11  Jason Sloan, thirtySeven.days, thirty.sevenDays
1.07.31  Sean Washburn, Between the Heartbeats, Wave Mantra
1.13.58  Forrest Fang, Message In The Sand, Following the Ether Sun
1.22.39  Geoffrey Armes (The Aaah17 Project), The Lawn at Midday, Nightbus to the Sun

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