Episode 220

With so much good music hanging out in the Newish queue, I decided we’d just stay there this time. You’ll find ambient, post-rock, and chill all in one place.

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Start     Manitou, Lilacs Flowering at the Brewster-Douglass Homes, Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun
4.48       Juha-Matti Rautiainen, Music for Stagnation, The Endless Now
15.33     Juta Takahashi, Silver Waves, Albion
29.13     Anthene, Orchid, Orchid
36.28     Crisopa, Bird Song Reincarnation, Transhumante
45.03     Igneous Flame, Aalu, Sylvi
53.26     Rest You Sleeping Giant, Listen to a Shadow, Spirits
59.01     Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, Autumn Wind, Hydrangea
1.05.31  Crawl Across the Sky, The Nazarene, Iaomai
1.16.50  Deer Park Ranger, Selling All the Shelves, Moderation
1.22.55  Michelle Qureshi, Stars Seen, Seventh Wave
1.28.25  Cicely Irvine, Takten, Excavation

2 thoughts on “Episode 220

  1. Hi John…

    I am new to your wonderful podcasts…
    and would like to let you know how very much
    i enjoyed listening to this one!

    Wishing you & yours much happiness in your new abode, by the way!
    (Peace & quiet sounds mighty good to me too! ;-)

    I found you by way of your review of Altus..
    Whose remarkable soundscapes I’ve been savoring
    on CalmRadio’s Sleep channel.

    With all the tumult, storms and unrest in the world of late,
    the music you bring forth and share
    is truly a gift and a godsend for restless minds/souls!

    With much appreciaton,

    S.P. Shields

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