Episode 219

Back to our regular cadence, where the Newish stuff gets its due first, then we delve. And hey, don’t get freaked out by the track with lyrics…I’ll explain.

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Start      Everyday Dust, Where the Light Fails, The Green Decay
6.02       The Glimmer Room, Base Room, The Locked Book
10.02     The Infinite Calling, Solitary Heavens Shining Over Lonely Back Roads, Reflections for Angels Unaware
17.52     Between Interval, The Outer, Shell Legacy
25.59     dreamSTATE vs Heiki, Stoney Beach, Stone Shore
32.47     Ethernet, Satellites, Outside of Time
41.51     Mikronesia, Smuggler, Sick with Silence
45.56     Jody Quine, Everything (Sheever Remix), Stand Up Remixes
50.17    Anklebiter, Why We Write, Weight of a Pronoun
54.50     Wacky Southern Current, Spirits and Libations, Argonautica
58.29     Signal Hill, Wanderers, Alturas
1.05.26  Samurau, Things Left Unsaid, Things Left Unsaid
1.09.51  Spiricom, Grains of Golgotha, Anthems for the Afterlife
1.20.47  Patrick O’Hearn, Flight, Transitions
1.25.58  Moonlooker, Tomorrow, Maybe, White Bird on Black Snow

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