Episode 218

Ready for a bit of an old-school joyride? This show was supposed to only start with some Berlin School music. Then it kinda got away from me. Buckle up for 90 minutes of analog goodness.

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Start      Jeffrey Koepper, Gateway, MantraSequent
13.50     Ombient, Undersea Miner, Sectio Aurea*
31.16     Onewayness & Modulator ESP, Bridge_2, Astral Bridges*
49.25     The Ministry of Inside Things, VM-75, Everlasting Moment
57.42     Computerchemist, Atmospheric, Atmospheric
1.06.58  Sequential Dreams, Telemetry, The Exodus Wave
1.11.29  Picture Palace Music, Seduction Crossing, Midsummer
1.17.59  Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Far Wandered, Earth Luminous

*Let’s ignore the fact that in my closing VO, I get the order of these two tracks wrong. Originally, “Bridge_2” did come before “Undersea Miner.” Then I decided it was better the other way. So, musically, I moved them. Did I bother to update my cheat sheet at the time I was recording? Of course not. But now at least the playlist is right. (You don’t really listen to me babble at the end, do you?)

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