Episode 215

I can’t take full credit for this episode. Several shuffles helped stitch together some of these cuts. It made for a pretty sweet flow. Enjoy.

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Start      Cutlasses, Freyr, Clutching at Conscious
4.29       Mark Stephen Ortman, Underwater Life, Voices from the Sea
7.30       Michelle Qureshi, Velvet Rains, Seventh Wave
15.09     David Helpling, Souls in the Sky, A Sea Without Memory
26.17     Slow Dancing Society, A Quiet Storm, Lilac Lullabies
29.19     Givan Lötz, Cruzon, YaW
33.10     Howard Ferre, Before You, Journey’s End
42.04     Cass Anawaty & Paul Russell, Waiting for the Suns to Go Down, Analog Universe
44.14     Jack Hertz & Rizorkestra, Anemone, Coast
51.03     Jeff Pearce, Outpost, Follow the River Home
56.58     As If, Distant Hills, Faraway Trees Standing Still
1.04.07  Cyberchump, Contemplation (A Cadence of Thought), Sankhara
1.09.36  Eliethel, The White Wall of Valletta, November Landscapes
1.14.02  Steve Lawson, Waking Up to What You’ve Done, The Surrender of Time
1.20.54  Pedrick Bitts Walker, Six, Three


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