Episode 214

Shall we groove just a trifle? Sometimes it’s good for us to get our beats on. I’ll give you that for half an hour so, then we’ll quiet things down.

As a note: if you are a Hypnagogue Reviews reader or follow me on Facebook, you may know that I recently decided to stop writing reviews. The podcast will continue for the time being, and if you’re an artist who’d like your music played here, please see the Submissions link at the top of the page. I tell you this by way of noting that I recorded the first VO interruption on this about two weeks before I made my announcement, and the closing VO the day I shut down the review site. So they may sound and/or feel a bit different.

Anyway, music:

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Start      Djam Karet, Long Shot, Sonic Celluloid
4.12       Sundaug, Attrition, To Bloom, To Wither
7.23       Jon Durant & Colin Edward, Uncoiled, Burnt Belief
19.37     Ron Boots & SynthNL, Refuge En Verre, Refuge En Verre
31.47     Azuma, Happiness and Prosperity, Azuma
40.13     Drifting in Silence, Lifesounds, Lifesounds
46.26     The Ambiguity, Glare, Returning to Another Time
50.10     Carey Moore, Clover Bottom, John Donelson’s Ghost
55.48     Tom Eaton, Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear, Indesterren
1.02.39  Phillip Wilkerson, The Stillness of Time, The Way Home
1.12.42  Medard Fischer, Monument, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.16.54  Circular, In a Distinctive State, Radiating Perpetual Light
1.24.08  The Pure Heart Ensemble, Loving All, Bliss of Being

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