Episode 213

A little change of pace. No library this time. Just music from the depths of the review queue. Two long cuts kick it off and take you through the first 30 minutes or so.

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Start      Cloudwalk, The Forgotten World, Forgotten World
17.41     Remy, Fears 2, Fears
30.19     Erik Wollo, Kaleidoscope, Different Spaces
38.39     December Hung Himself, Swift-Tuttle, Perseidi
44.45     Safir Nou, Land-escape, Groundless
48.59     The Dread, That Wasn’t What Happened, The Fifth Age
55.12     Off Land, Poise, Out World
1.02.50  Seldom Family, No Sex: A Retrospective, Audrey & Laura
1.10.36  Poppy Nogood, Treading, Mood Paintings
1.18.56  Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Yugen, Whispers from Silence

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