Episode 212

This episode takes an elemental approach to the music. Yes, it’s theme-show time again. Enjoy.

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Start      Robert Rich, Profligate Earth, What We Left Behind
6.06       Igneous Flame, Night on Earth, Nyx
12.29     Herion, The Earth, Out and About
18.51     Steve Roach, Air Meditation, Future Flows
24.41     Luna Firma, Open Night Air, Falling Toward Atlantis
32.22     Tim Story, Voices in the Liquid Air, Collected
34.42     Jeff Grienke, Heavy Air, Virga
37.02     Sundaug, Breathe Underwater, Nocturnality
40.33     Darshan Ambient, Water for Horses, Falling Light
47.17     George Wallace, Water Magic, Light Music
52.14     Dave Preston, Fire, In These Storms
55.24     Paulina Cassidy, Fire In Our Eyes, Sugar Wingshiver
1.00.17  Sensitive Chaos, (Put Out) The House on Fire, Amerisynthecana
1.07.52  Tigerforest, Sky on Fire, Songs of Reverence
1.12.55  Craig Padilla, Lost in You, The Heart of the Soul
1.18.17  Life Audience, You Got Me Movin’, Waves & Particles
1.26.03  Adam Werner, Thank You, Deep

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