Episode 208

In which much and diverse musics are presented, to the delight of the listeners gathered herewith. Or something like that.

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Start     Tim Linghaus, Travel Sketches (Lost In A Bus And Architecture), Vhoir
5.40       Max Ananyev, Moonmad, Communication
11.10     Sverre Knut Johansen, Contact, Contact
15.23     Jari Pitkanen, Kaupungissa Kaikki Ei Ole Niin Hyvin (All Is Not Well In The City), Korppi (The Raven)
20.37     Daigo Hanada, And This Is How It Ends, Ichiru
24.40     Lena Natalia, Waiting At the Gate, Second Youth
28.08     Mythos, From Calcutta to Hong Kong, Around the World in 80 Minutes
36.34     Adam Werner, The Impending Death Of The Virgin Spirit, Deep
46.52     dreamSTATE, Captive, Passage
53.10     Conni St. Pierre, Leaf Shadowing, Forest Spirits
57.48     Tom DePlonty, Cold Spot, Corridor
1.03.26  Robert Carty, Skyscape, Ecoroots
1.11.53  Yellow 6 & David Newlyn, Spiral Vaults, O.S.
1.22.49  NeuHuman, Get Out Alive!, NeuHuman

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