Episode 204

I’ll be sitting quietly in the corner for this one. We’ll open with some mellow tunes from the review queue, ending in laid-back tribal surroundings. At the 34-minute mark it’s into the library for a stretch that takes a turn toward Berlin, if ya know what I mean.

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Start     Brave Timbers, Swimming in the Isar, Secret Hopes
4.46      Erik Scott, Breathing Room, In the Company of Clouds
10.14     Fiona Joy, Grace (Chill Version),  Signature Synchronicity
14.35     Covarino/Incorvaia, #2, Perugia
24.32     Byron Metcalf, As Clouds Dance, Inner Rhythm Meditations
34.01     Apne Sinn, Tabula Rasa, Espiritista
38.25     Dave Luxton, Reverse Orbit, Music from the Firmament
44.17     Gert Emmens, Opaque Divergence, Metamorphosis
58.29     Jason Sloan, Egress, Haven
1.17.55   Computerchemist, After the Eclipse, Landform

3 thoughts on “Episode 204

    • Hi, David–thanks for checking in. I should have noted something here. (I had mentioned this on the Hypnagogue Podcast page on Facebook.) I’ve been laid up with a back problem that left me unable to sit down (or stand), so I took the show’s first-ever sick day. The good news is, I’m on the upswing, and am at this moment finishing episode 205. Look for it to land on March 9.

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