Episode 203

It’s time to go back to splitting the show between music from the review queue and music from the library. The first set is a bit shorter than usual, but loaded with great sounds. The second set will help you get your groove on.

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Start      Majestica, Carousel, In the Midst of Stars
4.26       Kylmyss, In the Shadow of the Raven, Isodope
9.27       Thee Koukouvaya, Margaritas by the Pool, Ancient Race of Techno-Voyagers
14.31      R Beny, Full Blossom of the Evening, Full Blossom of the Evening
23.13      Secoya, Towers, The World is Yours
29.17      Urenga, Ocean’s Secret, Pacific Depths
40.37     metlay!, Fade to Gold, Fade
53.33     Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, Tails of the Rain Forest, Pt 2, Tribal Spirit
59.10     Al Gromer Khan,, Procession for Vilayat Khan (Study in Raga Gujari Todi), Far Go
1.04.07  Music for Voyeurs, The Work of the Gospel, The Long Sleep
1.06.39  Canartic, Dive, Headphone Test
1.10.52  DeeperNET, Neptune, ONE
1.19.21   Fetal Pulse, Interstellar Club, Space
1.22.58   Sircle, Reflection, A Relevant Space

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