Episode 202

For the first show of 2017, I decided to keep things on the calm side. After the emotional roller coaster that was 2016, I think we could all use it. The beginning of this flow got its start, like so many before, when the library shuffle served up the lovely first track from Anima. See you in 90 minutes.

Download mp3
Start      Anima, Peace, Light of Aluna
10.24     Andrew Lahiff, Lands of Shades and Colours, Inner Worlds Returning
17.07     John Lyell, A Far Away Place, Reflection of Time
24.10     Boy Is Fiction, Until Morning Comes, Broadcasts in Colour
28.46     Numina, Secrets from the Flame, Eye of the Nautilus
35.50     Steve Roach & Mark Seelig, Nightbloom, Part 4, Nightbloom
48.17     Alio Die, Cerulean Facade, Deconsecrated & Pure
58.06     Circular, Phase47, Quiet Friends
1.05.34  Zero Ohms, Peace of the Pi, Worlds, Afterworlds
1.15.19  Massergy, Tetrahelix, Orchid (compilation)*
1.22.40  Common Ground, The Ties That Bind, Common Ground

*This episode’s gaffe: In my VO I say that this compilation is from Relaxed Machinery, which is on hiatus, but it’s actually on the earthMantra label, which is alive and very well.

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