Episode 201

It’s time to listen to tracks from some of my favorite albums that I reviewed this year. Settle in—we’re going long again.

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Start      Forrest Fang, Driftwood, The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
7.45       Jeff Pearce, Downstream I, Follow the River Home
11.22     Manitou, Last Cry of the Seven Sisters, Landscape Histories and Sentiments
15.23     Robert Rich, Meeting Face to Face, What We Left Behind
19.55     Purl & Sinius, Over the Edge, Oceans of Sound
25.26     Altus, Cerulean Skies, Komorebi
35.45     Mathew Roth, Step, Written & Unsent
41.59     Joe Frawley, Elegy, The Night Parade
46.48     Tom Eaton, Friday/Patience, Abendromen
54.29     Bruno Sanfilippo, Before Nightfall, The Poet
58.07     Medard Fischer, Five Years Almost to the Day, Four Songs for the City of New York
1.00.46  Robert Logan & Steve Roach, Nightspeak, Second Nature
1.07.54  Chance’s End, Culte de la Femme, Almost Home
1.11.36  Cousin Silas, Funky Snatcher, Through a Cobweb Strange
1.15.15  Twilight Archive, Sense Making Stops, Mood Chain
1.21.01  SineRider, Winter Months, Seconds Minutes
1.25.12  Sensitive Chaos, The Romance of Train Travel, March of the Timeshifters
1.32.00  Off Land, Pulsar, Afterglow
1.40.50  Manuel Frau, Blue, Sky Blue Ice Dawn
1.47.48  Phillip Wilkerson, The Last Day Here, Waking Across the River
1.59.10  Ministry of Inside Things, Grateful, Everlasting Moment

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