Episode 200

Two hundred shows? Seriously? Vegas odds-makers lost money when I went past 50, so they must be jumping out windows to see that I got this far. And as I’ll tell you at the end of this extended episode, the reason I got this far at all is because of the great musicians who feed me sound, and the superb tribe of listeners who keep downloading to hear it. Thank you to everyone. Let’s get started.

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Start   Steve Roach, T.B.C., Now/Traveler
5.37     Steve Roach, Beyond the Blood, Truth & Beauty
10.27   Robert Rich, Aerial on Warm Seas, What We Left Behind
19.10    Robert Rich, Attar, Ylang
25.33    Dan Pound, Of the Essence, Spherical
34.17    Dan Pound, Under Her Spell, Medusazoa
39.13    Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, Nightdrive, Shades of Bending Light
46.00   Matt Borghi, Silhouettes, Ambient Guitar
50.04   Slow Dancing Society, A Song to Help You Remember to Forget, The Sound of Lights When Dim
56.08    Slow Dancing Society, Lemon Crush, The Dusk Recital
1.01.49 General Fuzz, Victory Raisin, Oughta See
1.05.48 General Fuzz, Second Thoughts, Soulful Filling
1.10.11  Patrick O’Hearn, Sea, Transitions
1.15.24  Patrick O’Hearn, Forsaken Beauty, Glaciation
1.17.49  Tim Story, When Comes December, Collected
1.21.44  Tim Story and Dwight Ashley, Theft, A Desperate Serenity (out of print)*
1.26.46  Steve Brand, The Fruits of the Spring, Second Spring
1.37.42  Steve Brand & Ran Kirlian, The Uncarved Block (excerpt), The Uncarved Block
1.48.34  Meg Bowles, Chant for a Liquid World, A Quiet Light
1.57.08  Meg Bowles, Undulant Sea, The Shimmering Land

*A reminder: while nothing is ever truly out of print in the shady wildlands of the web, I will only link to legitimate, artist-approved or artist-run sites.

5 thoughts on “Episode 200

  1. Well done, John. My Hypnagogue collection goes back to #34 and I have always looked forward to each new podcast. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s more music out there than I can squeeze in. Thanks for keeping up with, and sharing as much as you do.


    • Of course! Always glad when I can point people in the direction of good stuff. And remember–there are literally hundreds of reviews at hypnagogue.net to help you find even more!

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