Episode 199

A recent binge of adding albums to the library and review queue helped form the first half of this episode–and especially the opening track, which immediately caught my ear. And although we start off quiet, we certainly don’t stay there.

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Start    Reverberant Evenings, Quiet Poetry, Every Man is the End of a Day
14.19    Dirk Serries’ Microphonics, XXVII – Swept to the Skye, Microphonics XXVI-XXX : Resolution Heart
20.53    Benjamin Mauch, When I Leave I Will Remember, Golden Bay Garden
25.45    nil.co, On the Crest of Change, Slowly Comes the Morning
31.52    Tigerforest, Nevada Gold, Songs of Reverence
36.45    Oh Hiroshima, Drones, In Silence We Yearn
47.33    Gianluca Piacenza, Reflections, Dream
55.19     Ken Elkinson, Inevitable Departure, Music for Commuting, Vol. 9 & 10 Next Wednesday / Next Thursday
58.43     Aetopus, Angels and Machines I, Angels and Machines
1.04.21  Llewellyn, The Clan Returns, WolfLore
1.11.19   Paul Ellis, Waves for Durga, Moth in Flames
1.17.30  Eric Pietras, Duck Island, Beams
1.22.33  Scott Cossu, Purple Mountain, Safe in Your Arms

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