Episode 198

A non-stop flow of deep cuts from the expansive and ever-expanding Hypnagogue Library of Musical Curiosities.

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Start     Paulina Cassidy, Luna Sea, Sugar Wingshiver
4.44      Robert Slap, Healing Temple, Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World
10.48    Uwe Gronau, Babylon People, Visions
14.10    Sensitive Chaos, Cream and Variation, March of the Timeshifters
19.50    Elizabeth Fawn, Under Strange Skies, Odyssey of Rapture Vol 3
24.16    Michelle Ippolito, On the Prairie, Drifting in Dreams
29.46   Peter Kater, Deeply, Love*
34.18    Sloum, A Box in the Middle of a Meadow, Sloum
38.27    Material Object & Phonaut, Part 3, Indiana Drones
50.29    The Ambient Visitor, Daedalus, Eight**
58.16     Nelson Foltz Tom Lynn, Still Life One, Part 2, Still Life One
1.13.26  Chronotope Project, Clear Bell Ringing in Empty Sky, Solar Winds

*First mistake: Managed to not only NOT mention this track, but furthermore did not originally have it in the playlist because I never even entered it into my spreadsheet! Many thanks to observant listener Andrew for the catch! And apologies to Peter.

**Second mistake: During my mindless babbling at episode’s end, although I was looking right at the spreadsheet and reading songs and artists from it, I managed to mentally hiccup and not mention this track. Sorry, Ambient Visitor!

5 thoughts on “Episode 198

  1. My heart jumped at the 6:30 mark of this episode. I thought you were playing “Animals” by Oneohtrix Point Never. That would have taken me from peace and power to depression.

  2. At 29m44s, it seems like there’s an unlisted track. Is this soft piano piece supposed to be part of Ippolito’s “On The Prairie” from back at 24m16s? These two parts don’t sound like they’re naturally the same track (unless its like a “movement” sorta thing). Greetings!

    • What a great catch! I was clearly asleep at the wheel when I put this together. I will get back to you on what that track is. I think it might be a Fiona Joy piece, but I’ll need to look at my Audacity file to be sure. I will fix the playlist and thank you again!

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