Episode 197

Good music can come from just about anywhere—including underneath a pile of CDs and folders on my table, like one of these tracks did. Dive in for some deep sounds, jazzy pleasantry, and at least one good prayer. Enjoy.

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Start      Arc Lab, See You There, Anthem
3.17        Ana Never, I Saw You Today, Long Turning
8.22       Joe Frawley, The Waxwork Heart, How They Met Themselves
12.29     Von Geistley, Once More Round the Orb, Winter
16.50     Igneous Flame, Vox Humana, Ocean Sighs
23.37     Arrocata, Dream Walk, Man in the Maze
29.42     Fellirium, Dreaming Fish, Mermaids
36.59     Silvia Nakkach, Liminal, Space Liminal
47.24     Tim Kays, King of the Kopje, Saving Cecil’s Pride
55.05     Ministry of Inside Things, VM-75 Prelude / VM-75, Everlasting Moment
1.03.17  Ricky Kej, Intervention, Shanti Orchestra
1.10.33  Paradiso & Rasamayi, Attuning to Oneness, Attuning to Oneness
1.17.11  Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig, Vision, Intention
1.26.42  Thupten Pema Lama & Steve Roach, Gyab Do / Ganden Lhagya, Prayers to the Protector

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