Episode 195

I’ll admit that I sometimes get overwhelmed by how much music is sent to hypnagogue.net for review—you know that’s where music for the show comes from, right? But then I realize that I’m pretty blessed to have this much great music to share with you. I think this show has two super-solid sets for you to dig into. Enjoy.

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Start      Michael Bruckner, The Vishmoor Incident, Muzikhala
13.22     Jason Sloan, Hegira, Haven
26.39     David Arkenstone, The Moonless Midnight, Beneath a Darkening Sky
35.02     Mikael Delta & Hior Chronik, Standing in the Middle of Nowhere, The First Ray
39.24     Memorybell, Ambulatory, Obsolete
43.35     Harold Nono, Otosan, Ideeit
51.36     Joel Taylor, Lunar Transformation, Night Stories
59.19     Juta Takahashi, Silence, Silence
1.14.26  Echaskech. Caeleste. Ambient Zone 2
1.18.28  East Forest. Apana. Prana
1.27.09  Mingo, Equilibrium Point, Sky Over Sea

2 thoughts on “Episode 195

  1. I love this podcast! Ep 195 is one of my favorites so far. Thank you John! I wish that I could help you sort through all your music. It sounds like you could use an assistant or intern. I live in downtown Seattle if you happen to be in the area, let me know!

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