Episode 193

Recipe: Equal parts new and old, drifty and beat-loaded, straight up and experimental. Shaken gently, served over ice. You may want to order more than one.

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Start     Erik Waterkkote & Ryan Huber, Antag VII, …And Now They Are Gone
4.56      Bruce Hamilton, Chatone, Winding
8.26      Domingues & Kane, Evergreen, Gut + Voltage
13.53     metlay!, Fade to Silver, Fade
25.32     Lee Kajko, The Space Hermit, The Space Hermit
31.51     Namkwan Cho, On Silent Haunches, Green Mountain
38.16     Slow Dancing Society, Greenwood Boulevard, The Wagers of Love and Their Songs from the Witching Hour
46.35     Apne Sinn w/Steve Brand, The Long Plains, En Seier
51.38      Forrest Fang, Islands in the Sky, Animism
1.00.36  Parhelion, Forgotten Outpost, Midnight Sun
1.08.22  Wastelanders, Cosmic Despair, Cosmic Despair
1.16.57  Austere, Crimson, Remittance
1.25.00  Jeffrey Koepper, Rising Sun, Luminosity

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