Episode 192

Oh, boy, it’s theme-show time! Not too hard to figure out…just a word that comes up a lot, both in my reviews and in song titles. So for the next 90 minutes, why don’t you get lost?

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Start      Numina, Lost on Silica Ridge, Sanctuary of Dreams
5.18       M. Peck, A Lost Mantra, Beneath Forever
12.43     Oystein Jorgenson, Lost, Imagine
18.20     Erik Wollo, Lost and Found, Airborne
24.49     Giles Reaves, Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Lost
31.06     Cravagoide, Lost Cable, Empty Frame
35.38     Canartic, Lost King, Headphone Test
40.07     Akumu, Lost, Between Worlds
47.49     A Produce & Loren Nerell, Lost in Transformation, Intangible
57.10     Chad Hoefler, Crimson Lost, Twilight in the Offing
1.06.45  Amir Baghiri, Memory of Lost Dimension, Time
1.16.14   Hollan Holmes, Lost Memories, Phase Shift
1.20.51  Brokenkites, For Loves You’ve Lost, Fugue State
1.24.39  Patrick Smith, Lost Balloon, Scattered Hearts

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