Episode 191

Climb on! This one starts out getting its groove on, then heads into other places. Quieter, deeper places. Call it a downward glide in intensity. Old tracks and new get mixed, instead of the way we usually serve it all up. Enjoy.

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Start     Tkatka, ELDAC, Tkatka
3.30      Radio Free Clear Light, Unrelated Sequences, Joyful Noise, Vol. 3: Image of the Invisible Unknown
13.51     Visiting Cat, Closer, Host
25.52    Algol, Gilese 581d, Goldilocks
35.38     Igneous Flame & Ensueno, Lightstorm, Pandora
43.58     Dolmen, A Past of Ashes, Incantations Verse Two
48.52     Stephen Philips, Black Canyon, Desert Landscapes 2
58.18      Aron Kirk, No Coincidences, Brick Circus
1.04.27  Caught in the Wake Forever, Castle Semple Loch, False Haven
1.08.45  Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Cell Five, The Roedelius Cells
1.14.56  Collin Thomas, Blackjack Saturday, Stones/Still

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