Episode 190

A straight-through flow for you this time, one that begins gently and, for the most part, stays there. Let me know where it takes you.

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Start      Ann Licater, Blossoms Falling, Beyond the Waves
5.18       Bruno Sanfilippo, Seventy Seven Years Later, The Poet
10.28     Cold, Cold Heart, An Elegy (for Martha), How the Other Half Live and Die
14.34     Dead Melodies, Glimmer in the Darkness, Subtle Imperfections
19.56     Dan Pound, Moon Cast, Shadows of the Heart
28.37     Phillip Wilkerson, Pt 3 – Kiss Her Once for Me, Waking Across the River
34.41     Csillagköd, Only Matter, All the Time
43.37     Steve Roach, Fossil & Fern, Early Man Decomposed
53.21     Sky Burial, Incantare, There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
1.03.27  John Broaddus, Hotel de Lutece – Paris, Afield
1.13.01  Strië, 87 Billion Suns, Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains, Vol 1
1.17.36  Andrew Lahiff, Towards Distant Hills, Slow Paths Beyond
1.25.41  Bob Holroyd, All Colours (Pt 1), In Motion

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