Episode 189

I’m playing with the throttle in this episode, bringing you up speed before I slow you down and vice-versa. So, you know, buckle up, buttercup.

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Start      SineRider, Finch, Seconds Minutes
3.59       Eleven33, Undercurrent, Chasing Light
9.13       Blochemy, Koen, Da Mear
12.59     Jim Ottaway, Beta Crucis, Southern Cross
21.16     Phobos, Evening Sky, An October Evening
35.53     Roy Mattson, Lichen Lattice, Intersecting Skies
44.49     Slow Dancing Society, After the Twlight Takes Us, Laterna Magica
50.36     Integral, Rubikon, The Past Is My Shadow
56.39     The Dread, Are You Your Connectome?, The Plastination of Otis T Fernbank
1.03.51  Peter DiPhillips, Ogunquit Beach, Mystic River Reflections
1.13.25  Chance’s End, Man in the Middle, Almost Home
1.17.47  C.H. District, Conclusion, Conclusion
1.23.38  Swartz, Curtains, Nighttide*

*During the episode, I will refer to this album as “Respite.” You will wisely ignore me and nod your head knowingly, confident in the truth that it’s actually titled “Nighttide.”

2 thoughts on “Episode 189

    • My pleasure, David. Eleven33 is a recent download for me, and I’m looking forward to getting around to its deep review listen. (As I am with “An October Evening”!)

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