Episode 188

Heading into the show’s eighth year in production, I thought I’d maybe feature some music.

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Start      Ombient, Olostanette Recumbent, Sectio Aurea
12.10     Luna Firma, Open Night Air, Falling Toward Atlantis
19.49     Jeff Pearce, Snowfall, Follow the River Home
24.26     Steve Roach & Robert Logan, Desires: Birth, BioSonic
29.54     Stratosphere, Melancholy, Rise
39.01     Common Ground, The Apollo Frequency, Common Ground
48.10     Lopside, 37, 37
55.01     Outer Space Alliance, Loop 1, Outer Space Alliance
58.37     Blake Gibson & Robert Davies, Lochs Obscured, Quiraing
1.05.32  IXOHOXI & Numina, Cromlech of Wales, Megaliths & Monoliths
1.18.57   Alio Die & Sylvi Alli, Dreaming Tree, Amidst the Circling Spires

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