Episode 187

It’s birthday time again. The show wraps its seventh year in production and heads into year eight, and we celebrate with some uptempo fun from the library. (Well, the Cyberchump track is new…) Thank you for listening, and thank you for providing me with so much great music.

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Start     Cyberchump, Shark Your Booty, The Construction of Things
5.41       Summer Effect, Repeat, Replay & Over Again, Nothing But Hope
11.02     The Current, Minor Abstraction, Communion
15.33     beat.dowsing, forbidden.territory, rising.current
20.11     Neon Shudder, Breaking Protocol, Hex Phase
24.12     Dave Preston, Sweet Sound of Escape, Soundtrack for Motion
29.03     Leaving Richmond, Your Personal Infinity, The Bird & The Submarine
33.40     Life Audience, Vanilla, Waves & Particles
39.56     Cybo, Now That They’re Watching, Echoespond
44.14     Matt Kwid, Mekanism, Passive Listener
51.34     Computerchemist & Zsolt Galantai, Goodbye, Mozskva Ter, Signatures II
58.58     John Ellis, I Remember Futurism, Sly Guitar
1.03.04  Rena Jones, Dancing with the Universe, Echoes
1.07.40  The Ruxpins, Cloud in My Spacesuit, This Time We Go Together
1.12.27  S1gns of Life, Cell Theory, Language of the Ancients
1.18.42  AOMusic, Kumale Saleyo, …And Love Rages On
1.22.59  Darshan Ambient, Box of Sky, re:Karma

2 thoughts on “Episode 187

  1. Hey John, I downloaded so no problem there, but I am subscribed in iTunes and this episode of the podcast has not shown up yet in the feed for some reason. I get your emails and all so I am duly informed, but this may be a bug you want to investigate.

    • Once again, Mr Shanahan did everything except click that pesky effing category button that makes the show magically appear on iTunes. Thank you for the heads up, Christopher. All fixed now.

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