Episode 186

A track from the new Robert Rich album caught my ear and found its place as the opener here. From there it’s an uninterrupted blend.

Download mp3

Start      Robert Rich, Transpiration, What We Left Behind
5.16       Erik Wollo & Byron Metcalf, Diomedea, Earth Luminous
13.40     Quiet Horn, Cherish the Last of the Sun, The Last of the Sun
22.12     Indigo Symbol, Eclipse, Zenith
37.41     Bryan Carrigan, Behind the Wall, Fall Into Winter
43.47     Time White & Joe Paulino, Hidden Oasis (For Two Bunch Palms), Inhale Slowly
52.35     Al Gromer Khan, Day of the Beloved (excerpt), Day of the Beloved
1.02.18  Christopher Lapina, Rolling Blue, Eclectic Eve
1.08.18  My Majestic Star, Carry the Breeze, Ideas Are the Answer
1.14.15  Ficture, The Knee, Roads to Everywhere
1.17.25  Canartic, Magenta Sky Over Detroit, Headphone Test
1.23.40  Erik Nilsson, Distance, Wind and Heat, Hearing Things

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