Episode 185

This episode began, as many do, when the first track caught my ear one morning. The shuffle mode on iTunes helped me pick a few more. Then, mid-flow, I got word of the untimely death of Jeff Kowal, who recorded as Terra Ambient. The second half of the show features four great tracks from an excellent artist who left us far, far too soon.

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Start    Guy Birkin, Tintinnabuli Mathematica 11c, Tintinnabuli Mathematica
2.20     Steve Roach, Closed, Low Volume Music
10.12    Sara Ayers & Nebula Drone, Excerpt From EMIL-Live2003, Ambient Collaborations
17.37    Patrick Balthrop, Chasing Through the Cornfields, Autopoetic
21.05    ZoID, East Pier Early Morning, Selected ZoiDworks 05-12
26.19    Melorman, Tell Me More Stories, Out in a Field
29.54    Darshan Ambient, Silent Smile (Angelo’s Song), Dream in Blue
33.30    Janne Hanhisuanto, Part 8, Light and Shadow

In Memory of Jeff Kowal
45.08    Terra Ambient, Majoun, The Gate
53.37     Terra Ambient, Serpent and Stone, The Gate
1.01.49  Terra Ambient, Mudfoot, Wanderlust
1.09.43  Terra Ambient, Epilogue, Wanderlust
1.17.01  James Johnson & Aperus, Long Goodbye, Ecotone

2 thoughts on “Episode 185

  1. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, knowing that my husband’s music continues to inspire and live on. It’s beyond words. Thank you so much for this. <3

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