Episode 184

A fresh round of downloads helped inform the first half of this episode. That sneaky jazz influence grabbed hold of the second half, but quieter tones managed to win out in the end.

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Start     Mathew Roth, An Outline of Rain, Written & Unsent
6.07      nnord, The Flesh of the Soul, Animal(i)
13.12     Leaving Richmond, The Electronic Afterlife, The Antique Heart
18.38     Purl & Sinius, Cascade, Oceans of Sound
28.11     Super Fata, Membrane, Percipient
36.45     Steve Roach & Robert Logan, Moment’s Notice, Second Nature
50.45     Collective Acoustics, Stuff I Bought on eBay, Edges
55.11      Sparky Quano, Round 1, Jenga
1.00.09 earWorm, A Gentle Goodnight, earWorm
1.03.04  Joe De Vita, Movement #2 (In Perfect Silence / Man v Nature), Evolution*
1.11.27  Perry Frank, Landscape of a Twilight Lamp, Music to Disappear
1.15.56   Steven Halpern, Chakra Angels, Chakra Suite
1.19.04  Within Reason, Nimbus, Subtle Shift

*At the end of the show, you will hear me claim that this is the first time I have played a track from Evolution. This is not correct. In fact, I played this exact track about 90 episodes ago. So much for memory.

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