Episode 183

Five fairly quiet tracks kick off this flow. Later, we’ll get a little more active. Not much, but…some.

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Start     Manitou, Sunrise on the Wyoming Terminal, Landscape, Histories and Sentiments
9.07       Boris Lelong Moss, Roots, Fern, The Green Planet, Act One
16.56     Salvatore Passaro, Dream, Overwhelming
20.41     Harmonic Resonance, Harmonic Currents (excerpt), Harmonic Currents
34.49     Manuele Frau, Dawn, Sky Blue Ice Dawn
45.56     Synth.NL, Carcharodon, OceanOgraphy
52.18     Northcape, Approaching the Trig Point, Captured from Static
57.28     Ann Licater, Ancient Code, Doorway to a Dream
1.00.44  Deborah Martin, One Sun, Deep Roots, Dark Water
1.04.54  David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Almost Never, Found
1.10.13  Timothy Wenzel, Mountain Rain, A Coalesence of Dreams
1.14.44  Lawrence Blatt, Walking Through Tulips, Emergence
1.17.56  Timethorns, Computerchemist, Icon One

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