Episode 181

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy sharing this great music with you? Well, I do, and this flow is no exception. Front half finds its way into some shadowy spots; back end gets its groove on for a while. Enjoy.

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Start     The Great Schizm, Fallen Cities of Stone, For the Ancient Ones
11.03     Kave Wind, Apathia, Ominousium
16.36     CommonSen5se & Mario Gronnert, Sky Full of Crows, Nightmares And Dreamscapes: Silhouettes Of Urbia
23.08     Tom Eaton, Saturday/Long Lonely Night, Abendromen
30.39     Orchestra Solitaire, Icelight, In A Land of One Color
34.57     John Gregorius, Fall Into the Open, Still Voice
41.14     Hidden Rivers, September Sun Memory, Where the Moss Grows
49.12     Aaron Static, Protection, Redemption
53.48     Signal Hill, The Pacific Northeast, Chase the Ghost
1.00.19  Jeff Oster, Avenue D, Next
1.04.39  Anawaty/Russell, If I Only Could, Analog Universe
1.08.45  Wacky Southern Current, Inland vs. Coastal, Argonautica
1.12.58  Fiona Joy, Into the Mist, Signature – Solo
1.17.49  Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 2 IV, Piano Textures 2

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