Episode 180

Settle in, this one’s a non-stop ride. Six tracks from the review list make up the first half; the second half is just three tracks long, but very, very deep.

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Start      Craig Padilla, Stonington Moon, Heaven Condensed
9.45       SiJ, A Night Like This Will Never Come Again in Your Life, Way to Dream
14.43     Understated Theory, Mirrors, Juxtapparition
20.42     Sonar, Angular Momentum, Black Light
30.02     Chords of Orion, The Memory of What Has Been, Atmosphere
36.28     Off Land, Photosphere, Afterglow
46.57     Steve Roach, Track 6, Journey of One, Disc 2
1.01.59  Penjaga Insaf, Alam Semsta, Sama Sadja
1.07.30  Onewayness & dRachEmUsiK, In Peace, The Sound of Thunder

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