Episode 179

Have you set aside 90 minutes for this? Because there’s a lot to listen to, and lots of places to go.

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Start      Altus, Wander, Komorebi
9.06       Cinchel, A Light Crack in the Wall (excerpt), Worry
18.57     Christopher Alvarado, The Inferno Cliffs, Drifting Through Kingdoms
27.13     Chance’s End, Almost, Home Almost Home
32.11     Samurau, Freezing Frog/Strange Blues, Things Left Unsaid
40.36    Sundaug, Chasing Angels, Nocturnality
47.19     Jon Durant & Colin Edwin, Semazen, Burnt Belief
51.38     Synthesist, BangDi Dreams, Dream Slate
54.53     Monochromie, A Cold Sunset, Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep
1.00.18  Ken Elkinson, I Thought It Was Water, Music for Commuting Vol 9
1.03.46  Andrew Weathers Ensemble, There’s Trouble Until the Robins Come, Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything
1.08.47  Igneous Flame, Anca, Oxana
1.17.41  Robert Rich, Telomere, Filaments
1.26.55  Slow Dancing Society, Tomorrow’s Another Day, Laterna Magica

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