Episode 178

Take in 40 minutes of fresh music, then give me a couple minutes to chat, and then we’ll start off again in a slightly odd direction. There’s plenty to hear here.

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Start      Massergy, Phenakistoscope, A Novel Sense of Calm
6.06       Eliethel, November Landscapes, November Landscapes
9.18       Closer, Leak, Monsoon
12.30     Cousin Silas, Guitar 28 – Raining Again, Through A Cobweb Strange*
19.40     Alessio Premoli, An Ocean Under the Ocean, Even Silence Has Gone
22.34     Warren Daly, Geostationary, The Stones Are Awake
29.28     Steve Brand, The Long Way Home, Songs from Unknown Territory
42.40     Table, Upstate Rust, Siren
46.39     Suck Susan, Drekk Fader, No Head in the Helmet
48.37     Mark Bruland, Marking Time, Beeing Human
52.56     Runningonair, Zen Lunch, UnSelected Works 94-97
58.01     Dub Jay, Fourth Floor Home, AMFM.15
1.01.01  Maculatum, Part IV, The Nameless City
1.15.51  Jim Graham, Messenger, Connexion
1.21.32  Ebauche, Warmth, Adrift

*”Strange,” not “Strangely” as your host claimed during the show.

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