Episode 177

Gads, I’ve been locked out of my studio and the curator of the Hypnagogue sound library has taken over the show!

Well, enjoy anyway.

Download mp3

Start    SE, Stadium, L36
6.00     Aaron Marshall, The Goldilocks Zone, Magnificent Accident
11.53     Atomic Skunk, Nautilus, Portal
19.23    Neuron Dreamtime, Sacral Extortion, I Am My Own Mushroom
24.52   Terra Ambient, Westerly Prayer, The Gate
30.18    Remanence, The Left Hand Path, Lamkhyer
35.40   The Post Riot Era, Meeting You Again in the Future, Quiet Exit
42.00   Off Land, Murre, Osculation
49.13   Max Corbacho, Toward the Center, Splendid Labyrinths
1.01.14  Giles Reaves, The First Breath, The Deep End
1.12.10   dreamSTATE, Premillenial Landscape #2, A Decade Dreaming
1.16.47  Dreamhub, Terra, Moments in Space
1.25.22  Ran Kirlian, Dissolution, Dissolution

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