Episode 176

We start with a song I love because it is both funky and silly. From there we touch on jazz, post-rock, ambient, space…and that’s just in the first half.

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Start      moduS ponY, Shoes, Shirt, Service, Dandelion Isle
3.59       Twilight Archive, Midnight Memento, Mood Chain
10.26     Julien Demoulin, Fading Mind, Loose Ends
15.09     Roy Mattson, Unfurling, Orchid (compilation)
27.12     Mirror of Dreams, Feldspar, Amaranthine
35.09     Leila Abdul-Rauf, Absence, Insomnia
39.31     Common Ground, Edge of Tranquility, Common Ground
48.26     Mythos, Tokyo, Journey
53.36     Ricky Kej, Black and White, Shanti Orchestra
58.41     Northcore, Looking Glass, Desatero
1.02.53  Meg Bowles, The Sweetness of Mist, The Shimmering Land
1.11.41  Freq.Magnet, Derriere des il Bleu, Nicked
1.18.27  Jonathan Badger, Erbarmen, Verse
1.24.46  Joe Evans, Affected Piano 4, Affected Piano

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